Ophthalmology in older adults
BMC Geriatrics
This collection seeks to explore various dimensions of eye health and visual well-being in the aging population.
Neuroscience data to understand human behaviour
Scientific Data
This Scientific Data Collection presents descriptions of datasets combining brain imaging or neurophysiological data performed alongside real-world tasks or exposure to different stimuli. It will cover single- or multi-modal studies from humans or animal models.
Biology of rare genetic disorders
Nature Communications | Scientific Reports | Communications Biology | npj Genomic Medicine
This cross-journal Collection between Nature Communications, Communications Biology, npj Genomic Medicine and Scientific Reports brings together research articles that provide new insights into the biology of rare genetic disorders, also known as Mendelian or monogenic disorders.
Chemical Dynamics of Microplastics in Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecosystems
Discover Environment
Manuscripts submitted to this Discover Environment collection should provide novel insights into the chemical behaviors of microplastics, addressing aspects such as degradation processes, surface interactions, additive leaching and their potential ecological consequences. Additionally, contributions that delve into the development and quality assessment of analytical protocols for detecting and quantifying microplastics in complex environmental matrices are encouraged.
Transforming Environmental Management: Applications of AI and Machine Learning (ML) for Sustainable Solutions
Discover Environment
This collection aims to inspire further innovation and foster a collaborative approach toward building a more resilient and ecologically balanced future. Key themes encompassed in this collection include Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Environmental Monitoring, Sustainability, Climate Change Adaptation, Natural Resource Management, Biodiversity Conservation, and Ecosystem Restoration.
Metal Plastic Processing Theory, Technology, and Equipment
Discover Applied Sciences
This topical collection in Discover Applied Sciences aims to showcase the latest achievements in the widely understood topic of metal plastic processing theory and technology.
Ferroelectrics Metamaterials, Multiferroics Materials: Manufacturing, Simulation, and Applications in Electronics Devices
Discover Applied Sciences
This collection in Discover Applied Sciences aims to highlight the least advancements in research and innovation within the realms of energy harvesting, sensors, spintronics and photoelectric devices.
Emerging Nanophotonic Devices for Smart Cities and Smart Healthcare
Discover Applied Sciences
This topical collection in Discover Applied Sciences aims to provide a platform to exchange recent breakthroughs and future perspectives related to emerging nanophotonic devices.
Complexity and dynamics in ecological systems
Communications Earth & Environment | Scientific Reports | Communications Physics
This cross-journal Collection between Communications Physics, Communications Earth & Environment, and Scientific Reports aims at showcasing the methodological advances in treating the complexity of ecological systems, as well as the application of already established methods to generate new insight in the dynamics and response of ecological networks.
Condensed matter physics at high pressure
Communications Materials | Nature Communications | Scientific Reports
This cross-journal Collection between Nature Communications, Communications Materials and Scientific Reports brings together the latest advances in the use of high-pressure methods to induce, manipulate, and probe novel states of matter, and to improve the fundamental understanding and technological potential of quantum materials.
Self-Assembled Soft Matter
Nature Communications | Communications Chemistry | Communications Materials | Scientific Reports
In this cross-journal Collection, across Nature Communications, Communications Chemistry, Communications Materials and Scientific Reports, we focus on different forms of self-assembled soft matter, from fundamental studies to applied systems. This includes, for example, coacervation and liquid-liquid phase separation, chiral systems and polymer assemblies.
RNA modifications
Nature Communications | Scientific Reports | Communications Biology
With this collection, the editors at Nature Communications, Communications Biology and Scientific Reports welcome submissions of articles that focus on the roles of RNA modifications and the mechanisms through which they impact the cell.
Ending plastic pollution
Nature Communications | Communications Earth & Environment | Scientific Reports | npj Ocean Sustainability | npj Climate and Atmospheric Science
In this Collection we showcase studies on understanding and mitigating (micro)plastic pollution, with a special focus on reducing plastic waste in the environment to coincide with 2024's upcoming binding UN treaty on Ending Plastic Pollution.
Topological physics of moiré matter
Nature Communications | Communications Physics | Scientific Reports
This cross-journal Collection between Nature Communications, Communications Physics and Scientific Reports combines the latest research on the topological physics of moiré heterostructures.
Hypothalamic circuits governing feeding and other motivated behaviors
Nature Communications | Communications Biology | Scientific Reports
This cross-journal collection of Nature Communications, Communications Biology, and Scientific Reports welcomes the submission of primary research articles that focus on neuronal circuits in the hypothalamus involved in feeding/metabolism and other motivated behaviors.
Conjunctive Management of Water Resources – Aquifers at the Heart of Solutions
Discover Water
This Topical Collection from Discover Water is dedicated to the practical and policy aspects of conjunctive management of water resources at the national as well as the transboundary level.
Water Sustainability in Africa: Frontiers, Perspectives and Challenges
Discover Water
This Topical Collection from Discover Water welcomes research on water sustainability in Africa, especially in water security, health, and climate change.
Data sets to improve wellbeing
BMC Research Notes
The aim of this BMC Research Notes Collection is to focus on data sets to improve wellbeing including the role of big data in assessing and enhancing mental health; the use of data to understand social determinants of health and wellbeing; innovative approaches in utilizing data for personalized wellbeing interventions; data-driven insights into community health and wellbeing disparities and the evaluation of the impact of data-driven interventions on individual and community wellbeing.
Disparities in musculoskeletal care
BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders
The aim of this BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders Collection is to explore the inequities and discrepancies in the access, quality, and outcomes of musculoskeletal healthcare services; raise awareness; and promote evidence-based solutions to reduce disparities in musculoskeletal care.
Centromere structure and evolution
Genome Biology
Genome Biology is calling for submissions to our Collection on the structural intricacies and evolutionary dynamics of centromeres that are crucial for understanding the mechanisms that govern genome stability and inheritance.